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Best telescopes for kids & adult beginners – 2021 UK Guide

Telescopes are one of the most brilliant inventions of all time in my opinion. It lets us see the Planets and Moons in our solar system like they’re closer than the sky. Not only planets and moons but also Stars and Nebulas in galaxies far far away.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the best telescopes for kids which are excellent for beginners and also for young adult astronomers that are looking to bring space to their backyard.

A little history about telescopes

The telescope has a long and interesting history, we don’t actually know who invented it, it’s a complete mystery. Although, a guy named Hans Lippershey was credited with the invention as he was the first to present such an object (he applied for a patent in 1608) some believe he stole the idea from someone else.

But what we do know for sure is who first pointed it at the sky to view the stars and planets. A guy named Galileo Galilei pointed it at the moon and was able to make out mountains and craters on the moon. When he pointed his 20x telescope at Saturn he discovered its rings.

Must have been a very exciting time, imagine being the first to see such wonders.

Galileo sketched this after observing the Moon (Image credit: NASA)


Types of telescopes

Many different telescopes come in many different shapes and sizes. It all depends on the type of objects you intend to view. So to make sure you don’t choose the wrong telescope, here’s a little information about two types.

Refractor Telescopes

These telescopes gather light and focus it to create an image. These types are mostly used in rifle scopes today and also in smaller telescopes but great refractor telescopes for viewing stars and planets are being made. Refractor telescopes are avoided when building a large telescope as the disadvantages will worsen.


The optical system is more resistant to misalignment.

The lenses from the inside rarely need cleaning as it is sealed from the atmosphere.

The images are much steadier and sharper


The image produces a rainbow of colour around the image, the effect is called chromatic aberration. (this effect is minified these days)

All wavelength of light doesn’t pass through the lens.


Reflector Telescopes

This type of telescope is commonly used to make those really large ones. Like the Hobby-Eberly Telescope which is a stunning 11.1 by 9.8 metres. The reflector telescope uses mirrors instead of lenses to collect light.


No chromatic aberration

You can get bigger and cheaper ones.


Keeping the optics aligned is difficult

The tube containing the optics need frequent cleaning as the tube is open to the outside


The most exciting news is the no matter the type of telescopes you want to buy for home use, you will probably not suffer from these disadvantages a lot. So don’t worry.


What to consider when buying a telescope

When you go browsing for telescopes you will often see things like (70mm Aperture) this refers to a hole/opening which light travels through. It’s important to almost always choose a 70 mm Aperture telescope and preferably more. The more the better, especially for faint and distant objects.

So don’t go buying any telescope on a whim, first think about what you want to observe. is it mainly Planets? Our moon?  Is it Moons around other planets? or do you want to take stunning photographs of the rings of Saturn? It of course doesn’t have to be super specific as one telescope can be used to observe many things.

If you want to take pictures with your phone, there is a lot of telescopes that come with a phone mount. so consider this if you plan to take a lot of photographs. Nice and simple for beginners.


Frequently Asked Questions answered

What is the best telescope for viewing planets?

If you are a beginner, anything between 60mm and 90mm refractor telescope will do. You can go higher if you want.

Who should buy a telescope?

If you are interested in space and want to see its wonders through your own eyes, I would recommend a telescope. It doesn’t matter who you are, a child, adult, mother or father. Anyone can buy a telescope.

Is a 70mm telescope good?

With a 70mm refractor telescope you can observe planets, moons and even bright double stars. It’s a great start for beginner astronomers.

Is it worth buying a telescope?

It’s definitely worth it. Seeing the universe up close is nothing like anything you could imagine.

How good does a telescope need to be to view the rings of Saturn?

a 76,2mm scope with 50x is recommended for a really nice view but any small telescope will give you a nice peak.

Do you need an expensive telescope to view the planets?

Absolutely not. A lot of telescopes between £50-£150 price range is actually good telescopes.

Can you see galaxies with a home telescope?

A telescope you can place at your home(outside) will do to see some galaxies. It is recommended to have at least 20X per inch of aperture. (1 inch = 25,4 mm)

How good does a telescope need to be to see planets?

A 70 mm refractor telescope can see all the planets in the solar system. Just don’t expect to see every little detail of every planet, mars will look great though.

3 Refractor Telescopes for beginners


Before you read.. as with all product list I do, I always recommend you to read the instructions properly that follow with the product. Always do your own research and always read the reviews.

Now what you’ve been waiting for, here are the best telescopes for kids & adult beginners! (in my humble opinion)

$=cheap $$=relatively affordable $$$=expensive

ECOOPRO refractor Telescope


View on Amazon

A 70 mm aperture beginner telescope. The optical glass is fully coated which makes your images clearer and gives increased brightness and clarity. Comes with an adjustable tripod which is perfect for sharing the telescope with your children. With the included eyepieces you can see up to 40x magnification.


  • No-tools quick set up
  • Lifetime VIP customer service
  • Comes with posters of a map of the moon and the solar system
  • Suitable for children



Gosky 70mm Refractor Telescope


View on Amazon

See the moon and its craters with this 70mm aperture telescope, which comes with a smartphone mount so you can easily take amazing photographs. As I said earlier, I recommend buying a telescope which comes with a phone mount because I promise you will want to take a photo.


  • Up to 120x zoom
  • Portable and compact design
  • Amazing gift for young astronomers
  • one-year warranty



ESSLNB Telescope


View on Amazon

Another good one for beginners. Comes with a phone adapter and has stainless steel adjustable tripod. it’s pre-assembled and can be assembled without tools. Has a scope with a red dot that helps you close in on objects faster. You can even zoom in up to 525x!


  • 35-525x
  • slow-motion control
  • compass



3 Reflector Telescopes for beginners


Celestron 21049 Powerseeker 127mm Telescope


View On Amazon

An easy and quick no tool set up telescope which is designed for increased brightness and image clarity, You can smooth track with their slow-motion control capability. You will get software that you can download which includes a 10,000 object database & more.


  • Up to 250x
  • slow-motion control
  • Includes software (not necessary for the telescope to function)
  • 127 Millimetres!



TELMU Space Astronomical Telescope


View On Amazon


This telescope provides high light transmittance which means it will gather as much light as possible. (fully coated lens: Reduces reflective loss, meaning more light) It has a tripod to fit your height and your children’s height. A phone mount is included which is a big positive as I said before. Unfortunately, it is only a 50 mm aperture telescope but it could be perfect for a young child or as a gift to a child.


  • $
  • Red dot viewfinder
  • Universal phone adapter
  • Adjustable Tripod


Only 50mm Aperture

KEXWAXX 76mm Telescope


View On Amazon

A 76 Millimetres telescope suitable for beginner planet observations. The lenses are fully coated which improves the image quality and prevents light spill, it lets you observe more details. You will be able to find stars faster with stars finder which will save you a lot of time.


  • speed focusing and quick positioning
  • 76mm Aperture
  • Very suitable for beginners



Before you go exploring the night sky, If you want a guide while you are stargazing, you should check out the 2021 Guide to the Night Sky book to help you explore the night sky over Britain.

View on Amazon


I hope this was useful and helped you make a choice. If you need to look at more telescopes I’d recommend going here Search on Amazon As I said before, read reviews and do your own research so you make the right choice for you.

When it comes to my choice I would definitely choose ECOOPRO refractor Telescope. It is highly rated and relatively affordable, which is perfect for me personally.

Anyways if you think someone could find this article useful, you can share it on social media using the buttons below. If you want to read more about science and how you can get your children started you can read this article  Why children benefit from learning science, and how to teach them!


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