Augmented reality child girl

Augmented Reality tools for children – A guide for parents

The History of Augmented/Virtual Reality The first-ever Augmented Reality machine was built in 1992 by Louis Rosenberg at the USAF Armstrong’s Research Lab. It is called Virtual Fixtures, a robotic system designed to compensate for the lack of processing speeds in the 90s. But the history doesn’t start there, we need to go back to […]

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Why you should buy a Microscope in 2021

Microscopes is a really cool tool to view the small in this world, the microcosm. You can not only view insects, bacteria and viruses you can also view all kinds of different things you can find in nature, like plants, fruits, sticks, grass, sand, hair, rocks and even your couch, but you also have to […]

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Best telescopes for kids & adults

Best telescopes for kids & adult beginners – 2021 UK Guide

Telescopes are one of the most brilliant inventions of all time in my opinion. It lets us see the Planets and Moons in our solar system like they’re closer than the sky. Not only planets and moons but also Stars and Nebulas in galaxies far far away. In this article, I am going to show […]

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