About My Website

I believe that every child is naturally curious and wish to explore the world around them, to ask a question, to experiment and to create. Children sometimes need a helping hand from adults, to provide them with materials, knowledge and encouragement.

My goal is to make information about science for kids more accessible in one place. From the perspective of an educated child caregiver.

I aim to provide you with the best science products for kids and adults. I promote products meant to be educational and encourage curiosity and creativity. Anything from a book to a science kit, from earth to the stars. 

I handpick every product displayed on this website.

To do this I use the Amazon Affiliate Program to provide you with the products. read more

Besides products, I write educational articles that are designed to help parents get a head start in teaching their children science at home or out in nature.

If you want to see what I write about, I’d suggest reading this Why children benefit from learning science, and how to teach them!

Feel free to contact me using this email address: [email protected]

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