The life of Stars – Interesting Facts

        Our Star – Size comparison Let’s talk about our star, the Sun. Our star may seem like a giant but it is actually really tiny in comparison to the other stars in the universe. So what is the size of the Sun? 696,340 km (Radius)   In comparison – The earth […]

Augmented Reality tools for children – A guide for parents

The History of Augmented/Virtual Reality The first-ever Augmented Reality machine was built in 1992 by Louis Rosenberg at the USAF Armstrong’s Research Lab. It is called Virtual Fixtures, a robotic system designed to compensate for the lack of processing speeds in the 90s. But the history doesn’t start there, we need to go back to […]

Why you should buy a Microscope in 2021

Microscopes is a really cool tool to view the small in this world, the microcosm. You can not only view insects, bacteria and viruses you can also view all kinds of different things you can find in nature, like plants, fruits, sticks, grass, sand, hair, rocks and even your couch, but you also have to […]

Top 10 best science facts 2021

Welcome to the top 10 best science facts of 2021, These are my all-time favourite facts and they are outright amazing! I love science and reading facts about different topics within the scientific world is sometimes shocking & frightening and sometimes just absolutely beautiful. I promise you that none of the science facts here will […]

Visiting London’s Science Museum? – All you need to know!

London’s Science Museum Introduction The Science Museum is among the most popular attractions in the United Kingdom, attracting millions of tourists each year worldwide. The attraction features a wide range of galleries, exhibits, and exhibitions that are sure to delight both children and adults. The museum was established in 1857 as part of the South […]

At home science experiments for kids – Why is it important?

Doing at home Science Experiments for Kids is actually really important With the recent complete shift of the education methods to online schools, parents do find them in a pickle about grooming and shaping young minds into future thinkers and bearers of novel ideas. Parenthood comes with an immense responsibility to make sure that children […]

Best telescopes for kids & adult beginners – 2021 UK Guide

Telescopes are one of the most brilliant inventions of all time in my opinion. It lets us see the Planets and Moons in our solar system like they’re closer than the sky. Not only planets and moons but also Stars and Nebulas in galaxies far far away. In this article, I am going to show […]

Why children benefit from learning science, and how to teach them!

First of all, what is science and what does it even mean? Science is the practice of studying the structure of the physical and natural world, to observe, hypothesize and test through experiments and come to a conclusion based on the results –Whether it is true or false. But not one truth is the result […]

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